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- a tea-ceremony room with Ashiba-maruta -
(3-mat space)


alcove and daime-bashira
alcove and daime-bashira

temae-za and shikishi-mado
temae-za and shikishi-mado

mizuya and sadou-guchi
mizuya and sadou-guchi

- Words & Phrases (Alphabetical Order) -

ashiba-maruta a scaffold log
mizuya a room or a space for preparing tea ceremony, which is usually located next to the tea-ceremony room.
sadou-guchi a small gate for a host to prepare and do a tea ceremony.
shikishi-mado a pair of paper windows that are located upward and downward in parallel, whose symmetrical axes are shifted widely to the opposite ends.
temae-za he place where a host does a tea ceremony, which is smaller than 1-mat width

Construction:Miyagawa Engineering/Photogrash:Shogo Sato


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