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For the Use of Our Website
Legal Notification
Takatsuka Architects Co., Ltd.(gTakatsukag) permit you (gUsersh) to use all the information that is provided on our website (Website) on the conditions written in the articles hereunder.

(1) All the reproductions that Users make must be printed both of Takatsukafs copyright and the consent provisions for use.

(2) This Website is solely for browsing and it is permitted that Users can visit and utilize the information on our Website as individuals or for the noncommercial purposes only.
It is strictly prohibited that anyone shall utilize our information in order to duplicate them onto the network computers or reproduce and disclose them to the medias or broadcastings.

(3) It is not permitted that Users shall make any amendments that are put on our Website whatsoever.
On any purposes that Takatsuka does not admit, it is obviously illegal that Users utilize the information of our Website, which is strictly prohibited and offenders shall be inflicted with significant legal punishment by both civil and criminal actions thereof.

Concerning each and all the information of this Website, neither wholly nor partly it is permitted to reproduce them. Any figures, drawings or images shall not be reproduced or redistributed without Takatsukafs permission.

Concerning to all the sentences and figures that are made public on this Website, Takatsuka does not express any fitness for particular purpose.  All the information of figures and sentences are to be provided as they are without any sorts of warranty and be modified without any notifications.  The entire risk associated with the use of the information shall be borne solely by Users.  Under any conditions, Users acknowledge that Takatsuka will not be liable or responsible for any damages to Users or Userfs property, which are direct, indirect, additional, special, disciplinary or others (business profit loss, interference with business activities, or including business information loss but not limited to them) with or without notification of the possibility of the cases thereto.
Advertising Articles
Takatsuka has rights to amend, modify or cancel any advertising articles without any notifications whensoever.

Links from Other Websites
It is considered to be Userfs disposal in principle that they put links to Takatsukafs Website only when they are for noncommercial purposes and shall be followed with the warnings hereunder.

[Warnings about Link]

(1) Users must express clearly that the links are to go to Takatsukafs Website and the actual links must be made at the right parts, for example, on the proper part of the letters of gTakatsuka Architects Co.,Ltd.

(2) It is not permitted that Users will provide the links, which are to display Takatsukafs web pages combining with other contents or capturing our website information as only a part of the Homepage which is the link put on.  The links are necessary to be set up to activate the new browser to put up Takatsukafs Website.

(3) Users acknowledge that the URLs are to be changed without notifications.

(4) It is not allowed to injure the confidence of Takatsuka by the manners that Users put links.

(5) Under any conditions, Users must promptly cease the use of links to Takatsukafs Website and remove them at the time Takatsuka demands to cease the utilization of the links.

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