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- Profile -
Haruhiko Takatsuka 1945 Sep. Born in Okayama Prefecture, Japan
1964 May. Graduated Okayama Prefectual Tsuyama Industrial Architecture School
Apr. Entered Kume Architects Firm Co., Ltd.
1969 Feb. Entered Yanagi Architects Firm Co., Ltd.
1974 Feb. Aquired the authorized liecense of the First-degree architect
1977 Apr. Established Takatsuka Architects Firm Co., Ltd.
Regular Member of Japan Architecture Society
Regular Member of Tokyo Architects Society

Current View for Sukiya style
( Sukiya style : simple but elegant Japanese traditional tastefully-designed house )

 - Thought over "Glorification of Shades" -

Once Junichiro Tanizaki, a famous Japanese novelist, stated metaphorically in his gGlorification of Shadesh in 1933, "Calling Japanese style architecture a Sumi-e ( monochromatic ink painting ), Shoji (sliding doors) corners could be the slightest colored parts of a painting and a Tokonoma ( little alcoves )corner be the deepest colored one.
Comparing those days, current Japanese housing situation has been dramatically changed. Basically, it is not too much to say that the past decades housing trend in Japan might have been driven getting rid of the value of gGlorification of Shadesh; it seems that the taste inclined to bright and wide open spaced western styled housing has rapidly changed not only our life styles but also even the sense of beauty of us.

- In the Stream of Further Modernization -

In the stream of this rapidly changing modern society, we are constantly suffered from stressful circumstances being thirsty for just any places for peaceful moments.  Currently, it has been very difficult, however, to see traditional housing spaces surely designed for mental reflection; on the contrary, we are to mostly see those which highly emphasize their convenience and materiality sufficiency.
Now, if we are to search the mental sufficiency in the category of housing, I would like to strongly suggest that we should reconsider, retrieve and cherish the admiration for gShadesh more than ever, which actually might be forgotten and vanished some time.
gShadesh neutralize the severe stimulation of modern society, melting into our current lives, moderating or thickening the air which let us appreciate the slow and mild time passage.  The houses that designed based on this thought are to be truly required as the desirable spaces for healing and relaxation.

- gShoinhstyle and gSukiyah style with the taste of gShadesh -

It is regret to be mentioned that most of the Japanese traditional housing styles are getting to be almost vanished.  Nowadays, gChumonhstyle, gTakabeihstyle, gDozouh-tyle, gKabutohstyle, gSegaihstyle, which used to be found everywhere in Japan, hardly ever exist.
So that , gShoinhstyle and gSukiyahstyle are the very few of these that still survive to let us  appreciate the taste of gShadesh. The sections and phases of traditional unique design of those such as wide-spread eaves and paper sliding doors are to make wonderful atmosphere with harmonization of lights as well as natural tasted spaces of gWah(Peaceful Japanese) are to be appreciated as healing and peaceful spots.

- gSukiyah from My Private Point of View -

Generally, once we name a building of gSukiyah style, most people would imagine Japanese styled hotels or restaurants. In the daylight, it strangely seems that the gSukiyah styled building like hotels or any recreation spots appear simply quiet or almost vacant without any expressions on their faces, however, twilight coming, with setting lights in the dim, watering stone alleys in the garden, they would appear as if they have incarnated, but those expressions are usually to be too much stylish and rather loud. 
gSukiyah style in which I am wishing to pursue my achievement, however, is actually different from that sort of taste.  Emphasizing Japanese traditional sense of beauty of lovely discretion with cutting off the much stylishness and loudness, I always focus on the very point that the gSukiyah I design could remind anyone of my clientsf own traditional sense of beauty and their uniqueness as well as the taste must fit in any ways of their matured versatile needs.

- Closing -

Iwas truly impressed by the fabulous sight of the ranging brightly white walls in Arabic town during my stay in Sacromonte, Granada, Spain last year.  I would like to mention that wonderfully well-balanced outlook and warmth of its total atmosphere I appreciated there seem that commonly exist not only in many of Western or Islamic architectural style but also in Japanese traditional architectural styles like Sukiyah
And I will now pursue my goal in absolutely free and simple compositions after having been set free from some spellbinding, making efforts to work on presenting ever unique style of gSukiyah making much of admiration for gShadesh and wishes for Japanese spiritual recurrence.
May  2001
Haruhiko Takatsuka

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