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- a tea-ceremony building in Jindaiji -
(with 8-mat space with Gaku-katte and 2-mat space with Nakaita)


hengaku and shiori-do
hengaku and shiori-do

outward appearance of ko-ma nijiriguchi of ko-ma and Oribe-doko
outward appearance of ko-ma nijiriguchi of ko-ma and Oribe-doko

Oribe-doko in Koma The quiet and small like hidden

tea-ceremonial space

in mid urban area is

simply effective place to taste

the purely spiritual sense of

traditional Japanese culture.
Oribe-doko in Koma


- Words & Phrases (Alphabetical Order) -

gyakukatte usual and easier style of doing tea-ceremony for left-hander, in which there are not so many instances. On the contrary, the other one for right-hander is called "hon-katte"
hengaku a nameplate on which the name of the tea-ceremony building is written in calligraphic way
hiro-ma room larger than 4.5-mat width
ko-ma room smaller than 4.5-mat width
nijiri-guchi a small entrance to a tea-ceremony room for guests, solely in the case of ko-ma, a room smaller than 4.5-mat width
nakaita plates laid in ko-ma, a room smaller than 4.5-mat width, being adjusted with the width of a fireplace where a teakettle is to be set in order to get soften a rigid customary atmosphere
Oribe-doko a part of wall being made out to be a little alcove, which is to be originated by Oribe Furuta
shiori-do a garden gate made of branches and twigs

Construction : Mizusawa Engineering Co.,Ltd. / Photogrash : Shogo Sato


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