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- serving both as a tea-ceremony room and a drawing room -
(11-mat space of mukou-giri)


facing the alcove
facing the alcove

looking over temae-za from sadou-guchi With the minimum openings,

I always try to leave the spacious pretty walls.

Actually, they are like blank parts of

an India-ink landscape to me.
looking over temae-za from sadou-guchi


- Words & Phrases (Alphabetical Order) -

mukou-giri a way of making a fireplace where a teakettle is to be set in the tea ceremony room; the fireplace is to be located on the mat where the host will be seated and  also to be closer to the next mat where guests are to be seated
sadou-guchi a small gate for a host to prepare and do a tea ceremony
shoin a Japanese style room for study or meeting guests formally
temae-za the place where a host does a tea ceremony, which is smaller than 1-mat width

Construction:Hayashi Engineering Co.,Ltd./Photogrash:Shogo Sato


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