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shihoubutsu-tsukubai and amaochi tsukubai and yose-dourou
shihoubutsu-tsukubai and amaochi tsukubai and yose-dourou

For gardening,
the origin of my inspiration consists in
somewhere in the copse wood in Musashi-no,
the suburban area in the western part of Tokyo.
I hardly ever become attached to the gardens
that are too much well-kept
with their pretense of propriety and primness

naka-kuguri and tsukubai
naka-kuguri and tsukubai

- Words & Phrases (Alphabetical Order) -

amao-chi a rain-cover spot with stones
naka-kuguri a side gate provided in a garden annexed to a tea ceremony building, which stands for a boundary line between a daily life and a fictitious moment
roji a vestibule in a garden annexed to a tea-ceremony building or a garden itself
shihoubutsu-tsukubai a solid stone basin which has 4 types of Buddhist image on each side around it ; 4 types are Shaka-nyorai Buddha, Amida-nyorai Buddha, Dainichi-nyorai Buddha and Yakushi-nyorai Buddha
tsukubai a stone basin in a garden
yose-dourou a garden lantern which is made of old stone lanterns gathering pieces

Garden design : Utsumi landscape gardening Co.,Ltd / Supervisor : Katsuo Saito
Photograph provided : Architecture laboratory


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